The climate crisis is robbing people of water, food and dignity

Stand with people who are losing their homes and livelihoods to the sea.

Support people who need safe water, good food and a strong community.

Share your love with people who fear for the future.

Please give to the Christmas Appeal so people can make new livelihoods and protect themselves from harm. 

Your donation could fund:

    • Rainwater harvesting systems
    • Expanded and drought resistant food gardens
    • Psychosocial support for families who have been forced from their homes during conflict
    • Advocacy for communities who are losing their homes and their livelihoods.

Please give today so people can catch the rain and plant new crops, giving life in dangerous places.

Share your love and concern for people who cannot afford to give up hope.

Resources for churches are available here.


Let Hope Flow this Christmas


Make a direct deposit:

Name of Account: Christian World Service
ANZ Account number: 06 0817 0318646 00
Email your postal details to if you would like a tax receipt


0800 74 73 72 during office hours for credit or debit card donations over the phone.

Remember: all donations of $5 or more are tax deductible.

Christian World Service is a registered charitable entity.  Charities Act 2005 registration CC22288. View Charities Commission Certificate of Registration.

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