The Women Development Resource Centre reaches communities where no one else is working in south India. They work with Dalit and Tribal Women to strengthen their communities, uphold their human rights and promote sustainable livelihoods. Based in Madurai, WDRC supports a network of women’s sangam or associations who work on their own agendas. The empowered women demand entitlements guaranteed under the Indian constitution like housing and paid work. Members support each other and are learning how to stand up to others who exploit them because of caste, gender, and illiteracy. Unable to get credit, the women have set up their own bank and introduced savings schemes. Sangam have successfully lobbied for water taps, schooling, electricity, housing, wages and representation in local government.


Women trained to lead village sangams or associations.


Dalit and Tribal women participated in their village sangams.


Dalit and Tribal women trained to run the Women Labourers Bank.

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