The city of Beirut was shaken by two massive explosions at the port on 4 August 2020 at 7 pm local time.  The death toll has reached 180 and more than 6,000 people were injured.  Many more are homeless.  Several major hospitals and grain silos containing 85% of the country’s grain have been reduced to rubble.

People need shelter, food and supplies.  Donate now.

Already stretched by Covid-19 patients, medical facilities are struggling to cope.  On top of the financial crisis, Lebanon is now facing an even larger political crisis.  Covid-19 continues to spread.  Thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Families need relief supplies now.

You can help them with a cash voucher for food or other necessities and school kits.  You can provide families with materials to repair their homes or find shelter.  You can share your love and concern for people who need help now.

“Some people don’t want to stay with other family, or in churches.  They want to stay in their homes.  They are mostly older people.  We want to help them to get windows and doors for their homes, cooking utensils, and other needed supplies,” says Sylvia Haddad, Department of Service to Palestinian Refugee Lebanon.

Your gift means ACT Alliance local partners will be able to give people what they need now.

Please donate now so families can get the urgent support they need.

Our Response

Our local partner the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees Lebanon is supporting people who need help around the Dbayeh and Sabra camps where they work.  Many have lost windows and doors.

“Everyone is helping with the cleaning.  I saw a man in a wheelchair with a broom, cleaning in the street.  Young people are spontaneously taking food and water to people in need,”  says Sylvia Haddad, executive director

“This is the time to help a country which has hosted the Palestinian refugees for so many years and we intend to do whatever we can to show our gratitude with the hope of getting help from our friends and partners,” Sylvia adds.  More than one-fifth of Lebanon’s population are refugees.

ACT Alliance including DSPR Lebanon is meeting immediate needs for food, water, and shelter.  They are offering support and protection to those traumatised by the explosions.

Disaster Strikes Beirut – Sylvia Haddad, DSPR Lebanon shares her story.

It’s Our Duty – young people cleaning up build bridges.

Thank you for Supporting Lebanon

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